Closing remarks ( Azage Tegegne)
  • I am very proud of you all in terms of your commitment. We are in a country were agricultural development is a political issue. If we don't do it right, we are in a big trouble... This is a big challenge for all of us.
  • we value your inputs and appreciate your commitment to implement. We'll try to do more of consultation with zones and districts. But also we expect some feedback from you. We'll continue with the mass insemination.
  • we can not do it alone, we have to do it together. All the way. It is all of us' project.
  • Ownership seems to be fantastic. you have to own it and integrate it to your development agenda.
  • we live in a country where 50% of the population spend 100% of their time preparing food. we have to find a way that liberates women from this and take them to the highest level.
  • Please communicate all these with your friends and colleagues about this project. They will provide more ideas. please share these materials with them, if you have more inputs please keep on sending them.
  • Great appreciation to the regional LIVES team, Our IWMI team, and Dirk for leading IPMS and for continuing to do so in the LIVES project; CIDA for being an excellent partner for providing professional, technical and financial inputs.