Activities and reports from Oromia region are compiled on this page

May 16, 2012- A consultative meeting with LIVES partners in Oromia to select zones and commodities. Here is the minute of the meeting.

Consultation meeting with East shoa zonal office of agriculture experts. Districts selected are Lume, Bora and Dudga. Here is the report -

GIS map of the three zones of Oromiya the LIVES project will be working on is attached here List of maps.docx and Oromiya.pdf
Consultation meeting with West Shoa zonal office of agriculture experts. Districts selected are Ada Berga , Meta- robi (muger area) and Ejersa. All are very close to Holeta. District ranking and minutes of the consultation meeting is attached here

Jimma Zone- Consultation meeting and district selection took place on Monday June 4, 2012. Three woredas- Kersa, Seka Chekorsa and Dedo were selected for the LIVES project pilot sites. They are all about 20kms away from Jimma in three different directions. Minutes of the expert consultation and district selection is attached

Summaries of main actors and service providers in the LIVES commodities at all levels in Oromia is attached here Oromia-Actors in input supply.xlsx and
Oromia Processing-Marketing actors June 20 (2).xlsx. and Summaries of actors in skill and KM in Oromia

Pictures of LIVES PIP in Oromia

Human resource and capacity of technical staff in Oromia- Regional, Zonal, District and Research

Actor Linkage Description- East Shoa, West Shoa and Jimma zones

Profiles of Oromia Region

Regional Profile - Oromia

Zonal Profiles for Oromia Region

East Shoa Zone
West Shoa Zone
Jimma Zone

Dairy sector actors in Debrezeit and Addis Ababa milkshed area_ Oromia

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