May 9, 2012- Consultation meeting with regional partners Drs Azage and Simon carried out a Consultative meeting with partners in SNNP to select the LIVES commodities and zones . Here is the minutes of the meeting
GIS map of the two zones LIVES will be working on in SNNP is attached here List of maps.docx, SNNP.pdf

Gamo Gofa zone. LIVES districts selected are Arba minch zuria, Bonke and Merab Abya- District and PA selection first progress report ( May 19, 2012)

Sidama Zone - LIVES districts selected are Arbegona, Bansa and Bona. Full report is attached here

PA ranking in Mirab Abaya district

Regional value chain actors and service providers in SNNP (Table 6 and 7 ) of the PIP is attached here

Profiles of SNNP Region
Regional Profile - SNNP
Zonal Profiles for SNNP Region
Gamo Gofa Zone
Sidama Zone

Monthly Regional Updates