To read from the LIVES wiki
Just go to the url and open the pages you wish to read or documents you wish to download

To edit, contribute the wiki,
  • Create your own wiki account ( same as creating a yahoo/gmail account)
  • send a request to the LIVES wiki admin for membership
  • Once membership approved sign in to the wiki and make required edits

To add a new file on the LIVES wiki
  1. On the main menu, on your left, click on the "+" sign that is in front of the 'pages and file'
  2. A box that is titled ' make a new page' comes with three menus on the left, click on the second menu ' upload files'
  3. An instruction comes to choose file.... on the lower left of the box there is ' add files' button. Click on it
  4. Select the file you wish to upload from your computer/flash...
  5. Click on ' open'
  6. when the file is uploaded a green tick sign comes.
  7. click on the 'x' button on the box to exit from this page,
  8. Go to the page you wish to link the file to
  9. On the page click on the 'edit' button
  10. When you are able to edit, type the title of your document date and your name
  11. Select a phrase or a word from what you have wrote
  12. Go to the menu bar and click on link
  13. A box that says ' Insert link' pops. On the left hand side there is a list, make sure the ' page or file' icon is selected
  14. Then on the right hand side, where it says " Page name' click on the search box below it and type your document's title
  15. When you see the the document you attached on the list , click on it
  16. Once its selected, go further below and click on ' add link'
  17. Save your page and signout