The LIVES blog has a number of contributors and thousands of viewers. For you to be a contributor, you need to follow this steps

  1. You need to sign up on . Follow the steps and create a blog page of your own
  2. Once signed up, LIVES will send you invitation to be contributor for its blog.
  3. Accept the invitation and verify message that is sent to you via your email (check the spam as well)
  4. Once you are a contributor for the LIVES blog
    1. Sign in to your wordpress page
    2. On the right hand corner, on the top part, there is your name and small 'avatar' with your picture in it, click on it
    3. Click on your blog page ' eg. Ymekasha'
    4. A page titled ' Dash board' appears. That is your dashboard, to write on y our own blog.
    5. For you to write on the LIVES blog. Click on your name/picture. A drop down arrow with blogs you own or contribute to comes
    6. Select the LIVES-Ethiopia blog and click on it
    7. LIVES Ethiopia page opens, with permissions for you to edit
    8. On the Top left hand side there is an icon of the world and next to it ' LIVES Ethiopia" written. put your cursor on the LIVES Ethiopia text . You will see a drop down menu
    9. From the drop down menu select ' New' (the second on the list), then ' Post"
    10. As an Author you are expected to create only ' Posts'
    11. Once the " Add new post' page appears, type your Title on the Title bar and the body, on the body part. You can copy and paste from your word document.
    12. To include pictures on your story. First make sure you have the picture on the LIVES flickr page
    13. Open your picture on flickr
    14. on the left side, on a separate column, find three dots , when you put your cursor on it it reads 'more actions'
    15. click on the ' more actions' then a sub menu that contains ' Download all sizes' and and 'view exif info. Click on " Download all sizes"
    16. A page that contains your photo with all size options appears. Choose the size you wish to use for your post
    17. Once you go the right size, go to the picture and right click. When drop down menu appears, copy ' copy image url/ copy image location' menu
    18. Go back to your blog draft
    19. Decide on a place you wish to put your picture. click on the place so the cursor starts to blink
    20. On the Menu bar of your post, there is an icon that says ' Add media' click on it
    21. A page that says ' Insert media' opens. On the left side there is a list of menu to select from. Click on 'Insert from URL'
    22. Paste the image url you copied from you picture on flickr. If you pasted it right, you should be able to see your picture there.
    23. Change the alignment if you wish and then click on ' insert into post' found on the right hand corner below
    24. See if its on the right place and size on your post
    25. If not you can further edit- size, alignment by clicking on the 'edit image' icon you see on the picture you uploaded.
    26. Then edit the size and alignment. when you finish, click on 'Update' which is on the bottom of the page
    27. Once you finish drafting your story, the next is categorizing and tagging. On the right hand side, a little bit down, there is a list of catagories. Click on the catagories that your story is relevant to
    28. Below Categoires, there is Tags , put the tags that you wish to put there.
    29. For you to finish your work one step remains. Saving
    30. On the right hand side, a bit at the top, there is a ' Save draft" and " Preview' You can click on the preview to see how your story will appear once published. If you like it, click on ' Save draft"
    31. Finally send the link of you 'drafted story' to the editorial team ( Currently Fanos Mekonnen and Peter Ballantyne)